About this blog

The concept of this blog is to introduce anime that adults should watch.

Excellent Japanese anime can captivate even adults.

Japanese people enjoy watching anime, even adults. Are Japanese people stupid and childish? Of course not. In Japan, there is anime of the adults, by the adults, for the adults….. I know I sound like a big talker, but in fact, I have only recently learned about it. 😅 I am not an anime geek.

I started watching anime when I was over 50 years old and saw the famous anime “Attack on Titan”. The story, visuals, music, voice acting, and sound effects are all excellent. I finally realized how great anime was and started watching different kinds of anime every night before going to bed.

↓My life began to change because of this man.

referenced from shingeki.tv : ©諫山創・講談社/「進撃の巨人」製作委員会

If you feel your eyesight deteriorating with age, stop reading and watch anime.

I get a little nervous when I try to watch a movie. I can’t start watching them easily. I also don’t like TV drama series because many of them stir up emotions more than necessary.

If you think like I do, anime is your best entertainment. In this blog, I will discuss recommended anime, as spoiler-free as possible.