Girls und Panzer

This is an anime about tanks. But it is also very interesting for those who are not interested in tanks.

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recommendation : 5

maturity level : 5

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year of creation : 2012 - 2021

By not watching this anime, I had lost a little in my life.

I got into anime after I turned 50, but initially, I held some prejudices and wanted to avoid watching this particular kind of anime. Seeing high school girls in extremely short skirts riding around in tanks was quite unsettling. It’s the kind of image that would appeal to otaku.

However, a woman who happened to watch a YouTube program about former JSDF officers said that her decision to join the military was prompted by watching “Girls und Panzer”. If true, it prompted a pretty big decision. Is it an anime that has that much of an impact on people? I was a little curious, so I started to watch it half-heartedly, and found it to be unbelievably interesting.

I had disliked it without trying. So I had lost a little in life.

Highlights: The impressive tank battles that make full use of 3D computer graphics!

Tanks! Tanks! Tanks! The animation of the tanks is wonderful. Various tanks used up to World War II are moving around in a lively manner. This is an expression that could not be achieved in a live-action film, and it is an image that could only be achieved in an anime. The realistic sounds of the cannons firing and the shells bouncing off the tanks are also wonderful. This is an anime that has been created down to the smallest detail.

It is not only the ability to express oneself that excels. The tactics and use of tanks are excellent, taking into account the characteristics of the tanks, the geographical location, and the situation. It is clear that the creator of this anime has excellent ideas.

Moreover, the excellence of this anime series improves as it moves forward. Thus, we never get bored.

You don’t have to be an expert on tanks to enjoy it.

↓Would you like to watch a bit?

Setting: A high school girl and a tank, this unexpected combination is good.

The creator of this anime loves tanks. They want to make tanks fight in their fantasies, drawing on their knowledge not only of the tanks themselves, but also of the backgrounds in which they were developed, their military histories, their operational methods, their shortcomings, and anecdotes. But they do not want to depict the horrors of war. It may sound strange, but they want the battle to be peaceful. So, in their delusion, they created a crazy setting.

Japan has traditional cultures such as Kado (flower arrangement) and Sado (tea ceremony). These arts reflect the aesthetic and spirituality of the Japanese people, but they also share concepts with martial arts such as Judo. They aim not only to master techniques and skills, but also to promote personal growth, spiritual cultivation, and the improvement of humanity. The creators of this anime have created a parallel world in which “SENSYA-DO” (tank road) exists, in which this traditional culture is practiced using tanks.

In this world, tank battles are held between schools as a club activity for high school girls. In other words, it is a sport. However, the battles are very intense and therefore worth watching. The battles are so fierce that it is no wonder there are fatalities, but rest assured that no one will die.

This setting is necessary to portray tank battles as an interesting competition rather than war.

What would have happened if the characters had been boys? As in children’s anime such as “Dragon Ball,” the characters try to make themselves look strong and agitate their opponents. And in the fight scenes, the main focus is on the “Arghhhhhh!!!!!!” or “Damn it!!!!!!” and only their guts will decide the winner. In other words, we could not see the speedy development and clever strategies as in this anime. Therefore, the characters should be girls.

Story : The allure of winning at sports.

The high school that the protagonist attends is a weak school in the tank competition. They are at a great disadvantage from the start due to their inferior equipment, and they are always pushed into a pinch. However, the team is able to break through at the last minute by demonstrating outstanding ideas, teamwork, and instantaneous decision-making.

An upset in which the weak win. Winning makes these girls grow again. It feels good.

But the emphasis is on fun rather than seriousness; the background music is a cute arrangement of an old war movie march. The girls seem to be having fun, cackling and consulting with each other, but what they are doing is dynamic. The girls drive tanks out of control, shoot cannons furiously, and ride into residential neighborhoods and destroy buildings. It is heartwarming yet exciting.

Character : The very recognizable personalities are delightful.

The tanks of Ōarai Girls High School, to which the protagonist belongs, are a mixed team manufactured in various countries. However, the high schools they fight against are given stereotypical personalities. This is what makes it hilarious and makes this anime more enjoyable.

Ōarai Girls High School
(mixed team)
Panzer IV
A weak school led by the protagonist. The tanks are from various countries. Each team has its own quirky personality.
St. Gloriana Girls Academy
Matilda Mk II
The captain is always drinking tea, even in the tank. She likes to calm down and say something aphoristic in any situation.
Saunders University High School
M4 Sherman
Rich and equipped with luxury. The captain is fair, cheerful, generous, friendly and meddlesome.
Anzio High School
Carro Veloce 33
They are poorly equipped with only small tanks. But they are extravagant and particular about his meals, and loves a banquet. A lovable idiot.
Pravda High School
They are good at fighting in the snow. The captain, perhaps making fun of Khrushchev, is a small, self-righteous, and foul-mouthed girl, but a good one.
Kuromorimine Girls High School
Tiger II
After all, when it comes to tanks, it’s Germany. They are simply strong. They are unified in their single-minded pursuit of SENSYA-DO.
BC Freedom School
Renault FT
There is a rift between the old guard from the aristocracy and the masses from the commoners, and a revolution is likely.
Chihatan Academy
Type 97 Chi-Ha
They are weak because they charge recklessly regardless of the battle situation. It shows its strength in night battles in the jungle.
Continuation (Keizoku) Highschool
BT-42 assault gun
Not much information yet. We look forward to the next release of “Girls Und Panzer Das Finale – Part 4”.
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The story is told by a group of unique characters who interact with each other like a comic dialogue about history and military history. It is therefore very entertaining, but at times it is too maniacal in places to make sense. This bothers me so much that I often pause watching the anime to do a Google search to find out what it means. Anyway, it is an anime with a lot of information. The fact that there is so much information is a sign of the creator’s knowledge and education, and I can assure you that this is a work that adults can fully enjoy.

“Girls Und Panzer Das Finale – Part 4” Please wait with anticipation.

The anime “Girls und Panzer” that you, the adult, should watch.